Press Kit

– Factsheet-

– Developer –
Momo-Pi Game Studio
Switzerland / Japan

– Release date –
End 2018 (mobile)
End 2020 – Early 2021

– Regular Price –
7.30 USD

– Genre –

– Platforms –
Nintendo Switch

XBox One
Game Jolt

– Website –

– Description –

Persephone is a turn based 2D isometric puzzle game that explores the next possibility :

What if death in video games is not the end, but the key to solve the levels?

Where, how and when will you choose to die in order to progress?

You will incarnate Persephone, a young woman who tries to reach the bottom of hell to meet his beloved Hades. The only controls the player has is to move Persephone in four direction on the squared levels, each level representing a puzzle.

The difficulty comes in the solution the player must provide in order to reach the end of each puzzle. The game is enriched by excellent music and art.

– Features –

  • More than 120 puzzles
  • 10 original and different environnments with unique mechanics
  • Captivating music made by a classical composer
  • Amazing and colorful arts

– Screenshots –

– Awards –

– History –

The concept of persephone was born early 2016, then in march 2016 we begin of the development of the games and his twin game Niwatori Star. On november 2018 we release of the first version of Persephone on IOS and Android. One year later we released “Tales of Demeter”, a Persephone free Addone that doubled the content of the game.
Persephone has been ported to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, and the mobile version has been sold to help another project still in pre-development. 

– Credits –

Cédric Reinhardt
Software Developer

Guillaume Schneuwly
Software Developer

Rinaldo Wirz
Creative Director (Twitter)

Renato De Aguiar
Msuic (youtube)

Thomas Olsson
Sound FX (Twitter)

– Press Material –

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