Press Kit
Momo-pi Studio

– Factsheet-

– Developer –
Based in Bulle, Switzerland

– Founding date –
February 5, 2018

– Website –

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– Address –
Rue de Vevey 246
1630 Bulle

– Phone –
+81(0)70 4101 4292 / Japan

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– Description –

Momo-pi is an independent awarded game studio with a open structure created by three friends.

The team is made of passionate and creative people from around the world, and specially between Switzerland and Japan, who combine their cultural background and experiences to create unique and original ideas.

Everyone in the team can equally contribute to the project as we have no boss, the ideas of each other and the respect for each other is the main key to create our projects.

– Hall of Fame –

– History –

Early 2015
First common work on “Spirit”

February 5th 2018
Official creation of the Momo-pi game studio, based in Switzerland.

January 31st 2018
Release of “Niwatori Star” on IOS and Android.

November 1st 2018
Release of “Persephone” on IOS and Android.

November 7th 2019
Release of “Persephone : Tales of Demeter” on IOS and Android.

August 2020
Start of Production of Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions

November 6th 2020
Release of “Persephone” full game on XBox One.

January 21th 2021
Release of “Persephone” full game on Steam.

February 11th 2021
Release of “Persephone” full game on Nintendo Switch.

Early 2022
Sold Persephone Mobile to help the creation of Spirit

July 28th 2022
Release of Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions on Nintendo Switch

– Press Material –

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