Momo-pi is an independent game studio with a flat  and delocalised structure. Everybody can equally contribute to the project and since all our members work from around the world, they combine their cultural background to create unique games. We love to learn and share our experience with big (Square Enix, Nintendo,…) and small (Sunnyside Game, Skeleton Crew Studio,…) studios.

1 pinch of passion, 2 cups of collaboration.
Add 1 spoon of dreams and some tears.
Mix energetically and bake for 6 months.

Momo-pi team

Cédric Reinhardt
Software Developer

Rinaldo Wirz
Creative Director
Atelier Fougere

Guillaume Schneuwly
Software Developer

& associate

Thomas Olsson
Sound designer

Renato de Aguiar
Music composer

Matthieu Gueniffey
Marketing & Sales