We all have two lives. The second one begins when we realize we only have one.

Spirit is a Third-person Isometric Adventure Game.
You Wake up in a Cold Blue World, Empty and Strange.
Under your Feet, Another World.
This is a Game about Discovery, Connection and Trust.

The team

Rinaldo Wirz
  : Main Artist (momo-pi)
Cédric Reinhardt : Main Programmer (momo-pi)

Guillaume Schneuwly : Programmer
David Javet : Narrative & game design 

Renato De Aguiar : Music

Prototype support team (we love you) :

Phillippe Güdemann : Sound FX
Alexandra Vialardi : 3D models

Leonardo Wirz : Programming
Thomas Olsson : Sound design

Special Thanks :

Martyn Corbet, Ozan Kocoglu, Pauline Althaus, Bourquenoud Jean-Luc, Joelle Krummenacher, Pierre Simon, Sylvain Robert, Philomena Schwab, Sirhill & all the artists for their beautiful support arts.