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Written by Rinaldo Wirz

December 8, 2020

The Game

The CVM Jump + Project is a tactical action game primarily designed for smartphones. Our gameplay is divided between free-roaming exploration segments and strategic battles with light puzzle & stealth elements. We want players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy our game so our main focus is not on difficulty but rather on encouraging clever tactical decisions that lead to cool looking results.

The story

Damien is an extremely creative and imaginative teenager born in a binational French-Japanese family. Damien’s personal world shatters when his parents tell him that they decided to leave France to go live in Japan, a country he mostly knows about from all the manga he reads. Damien will have to call upon his superhero persona, Captain Velvet Meteor, to cope with the anxiety of being in a completely new place. He will face his fears and grow up through the power of his imagination by calling upon his favorite Jump+ characters to help him on his quest to escape a mysterious planet and an unknown monster army.

Hibino Kafka from Kaijû N°8 in the game

The character of Hibino Kafka is the only character from Kaijû n°8 we plan to use in our game. He will appear in the first episode (ten playable levels) of the game, after a 4-5 levels tutorial phase. He is the first Jump+ character the player will meet and play.

In the battles, Kafka is a very straightforward character with powerful attacks and easy to understand levels.

Jean-Pierre, the old family dog has turned aggressive because of the anxiety he feels, being in a new house and a foreign land. He kills a small baby bird and then turns his anger and frustration toward Damien. To face the situation, Damien calls upon his imagination and turns into Captain Velvet Meteor. Hibino Kafka will join Damien in his quest to fight (or calm) Jean-Pierre, now represented as a giant monster.

In the plot, Kafka will mostly comment on the monsters and their ability to reproduce and evolve (like base monsters and after-beasts). He will help Captain Velvet Meteor to understand the threat they are facing.

For us, Hibino Kafka is very strong, friendly and with a desire to protect the weak. In Damien’s imagination he functions as a big brother, showing him how to be heroic and smile in the face of danger. 

After finishing his 10 levels episode, Kafka will stay in Captain Velvet Meteor’s spaceship and the players will be able to interact with him.

by Gabriel Sonderegger / Twitter @SunnysideGames

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